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1) Trumpet Master class – emphasis on proper approach to play the trumpet on a more consistent daily basis utilizing the James Stamp exercises.

a) Classical portion – what you need to know to become a better classical trumpeter.

b) Jazz portion – what you need to know to become a better jazz trumpeter - jazz improvisation and lead trumpet playing - also introduction to the "Know Before You Blow" jazz Blues and Modes books.

c) The Music Business – what you need to know in order to make a living in the present music environments.

d) In the Studio portion - focus on Chris's past recording sessions - sheet music and recorded examples available for listening and study. A real bird's eye view of what it takes to work in the studio!


1) Guest Artist with Big Band

2) Guest Artist with Orchestra or Wind Ensemble

3) Guest Artist with Small Group

4) Guest Artist and Clinic Package

Masterclasses bring years of experience and practical knowledge from the trenches of the Los Angeles recording and live work scene and infuses students with the desire to improve their musicianship as well as their playing and business skills.

Demonstrations on a organized way to approach practicing and performing any kind of music along with an emphasis on career strategies.