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Welcome to Chris Tedesco.com, the internet home of Chris Tedesco, Trumpet player Los Angeles. 2013 proved to be busier than ever for Trumpet, Musician Contracting and producing recording sessions.
If you're a fan of the Showtime hit show "Homeland" you get to hear me on the front and back themes - Sean Callery wrote some very haunting music for that! Alison Windsor's singing/dance troupe the "Satin Dollz" came into my studio to record two vintage swing tunes and wow was that a treat, recording, mixing and mastering them. I've also been lucky enough to contract the players and occasionally play on the soundtrack to the new WB cartoon series "Beware the Batman" for Freddie Wiedmann. Nic tenBroek and Patrick Woodland recorded a bunch of great swing/vocal tunes at Capitol Records Studio and I was able to contract and play for their big band, truly a pleasure.
The UCLA Extension Film scoring certificate classes are still happening and I get a chance to contract and play for four teachers - those are always challenging and a blast as well. Look for the very cool "Broken Bells 2" album project with Brian Burton and James Mercer with string arrangements by Daniel Luppi. Christopher Guest's HBO new show "Family Tree" with soundtrack by CJ Vanston was fun to work on as well. Composer friend Joel Goodman wrote an incredible score to the recent PBS JFK Documentary and I was happy to provide strings for that one. The upcoming Dreamworks big budget film "Need for Speed" score composed by Nathan Furst was a huge contracting and playing project - 60 strings, 17 brass, 3 percussion, solo vocal and solo guitar....that should be a fun one to watch when it comes out in 2014.
I'm reminded every week how lucky I'm to be able to live and work in Los Angeles playing Trumpet and contracting musicians - wow...... LIVING THE DREAM!....please check out the Bio/Credits page for more.

Get the new Living the Dream CD. Eight Big band tracks with two Studio Orchestra tracks, four of those featuring vocalist Tony Galla. Arrangements by Jim McMillen.
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"Green Hornet" Theme Played Live
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