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Welcome to Chris, the internet home of Chris Tedesco, Trumpet player Los Angeles. Look no further for a Trumpet player in Los Angeles, a Musician Contractor in Los Angeles or Horn section.
It's been busier than ever playing Trumpet, contracting musicians and producing recording sessions and live events here in Los Angeles for over 32 years now. Lots going on in the studios and I'm still very lucky to record for many talented composers and producers.
Check out the themes to Showtime's HOMELAND, the current Monday Night Football theme and American Horror Story CULT - I played Trumpet and French Horn on that one! Speaking of TV, here's some more sessions: FEUD on Netflix, 12 Monkeys, I Love Dick, Sean Callery again for "Jessica Jones", Rob Duncan and ABC's "Castle", Disney's "Tangled" series, Michael Barnett and his Disney cartoons, The Warner Brothers Justice League and DC Comics cartoon series and movies with Freddie Wiedmann have been a total blast along with Freddie's work on "King Julien" and "Miles in Tomorrowland"-wow! Film and Video game wise it's been busy with work for Austin Wintory, Jake Monaco, Trevor Morris, Christopher Tin, John Swihart, Laura Karpman, Mateo Messina, Jeff Toyne, Gingger Shankar, Joel Goodman, Stephen Endelman, and many others. I continue to record a lot of "vintage" specializing in teens, 20's 30's 40's and 50's jazz.
The UCLA Extension Film Scoring Certificate classes are still happening and I get a chance to contract and play for four teachers - those are always challenging and a blast as well.
I've been recording Trumpet with my remote recording studio for 15 years to do online tracks for folks and also play Trombone and French Horn as well - I have great mics, pre-amps, converters and a great room to record in. I'm reminded every week how lucky I'm to be able to live and work in Los Angeles playing Trumpet and contracting musicians LIVING THE DREAM!....please check out the Bio/Credits page for more. I also am a very busy Trumpet teacher in Los Angeles.