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Welcome to Chris, the internet home of Chris Tedesco, Trumpet player Los Angeles. It's been busier than ever playing Trumpet, contracting musicians and producing recording sessions and live events here in Los Angeles for over 30 years now. Lots going on in the studios still recording for so many talented composers and prodcuers. If you're a fan of the SHOWTIME hit TV show "Homeland" you get to hear me on the front and back themes - composer Sean Callery wrote some very haunting music for that! Speaking of TV, here's some latest new sessions: the theme for American Horror Story, FEUD, 12 Monkeys, I Love Dick, Sean Callery again for an upcoming show on NETFLIX called "Aka Jessica Jones", Rob Duncan and ABC's "Castle", Tom Polce and an epsiode of "SCORPION" on CBS, the "Legend of Korra" for Jeremy Zuckerman, etc. The Warner Brothers Justice League cartoon series and movies with Frederik Wiedmann have been a total blast, along with Freddie's work on "King Julien" and "Miles in Tomorrowland" - wow is an understatment because Freddie is a composing machine! Film wise it's been busy with work for Trevor Morris, Joel Goodman, Stephen Endelman, Randy Miller, and many others. I continue to record a lot of "vintage" jazz as well, specializing in teens, 20's 30's 40's and 50's jazz.
The UCLA Extension Film scoring certificate classes are still happening and I get a chance to contract and play for four teachers - those are always challenging and a blast as well. The "Need for Speed" film did fairly well with the score composed by Nathan Furst, that was a huge contracting and playing project - 60 strings, 17 brass, 3 percussion, solo vocal and solo guitar....if you're into cars that one is a MUST.
I'm reminded every week how lucky I'm to be able to live and work in Los Angeles playing Trumpet and contracting musicians - wow...... LIVING THE DREAM!....please check out the Bio/Credits page for more.